Monday, June 23, 2008

They're Coming For You

The Weather Service is proud to announce
a tornado was spotted three miles from your house.
Find a dark narrow room, you know what to do.
Take cover. The twister is coming for you.

The crank-n-go tv inside your small room
recalls an odd man with a strange accent who
holds a sizzling cannonball in his outstretched hand.
If he should lob it, we know where it lands.

So, you pull into church and pray for safe keeping,
then return to find your GPS isn't beeping.
How will you know quite where you are
or where you are headed, or exactly how far?

A passenger played with his shoe mid-flight,
a guy hung around the ATM last night,
a jiggle at the front door had something in mind,
look both ways before crossing the street - and behind.

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